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How is Denise Austin Meal Delivery different from frozen meals I can buy at the grocery store?


Although the trays that your meals arrive in may look similar to those of grocery meals, that’s where the similarities end! Some frozen dinners are loaded with fat, sodium, and calories. Packaging claims may also be misleading. It’s not always clear what makes products qualify to be labeled “natural” or “organic”.


On the other hand, the Denise Austin program has been scientifically balanced for weight loss and every entree is certified by the USDA. There is no added MSG, Trans Fat or Aspartame in any of our entrees. We are committed to serving high quality, natural food. Additionally, there is significantly more protein present in our meals and the portion sizes are larger than a standard store bought frozen meal.

Will I receive my program each week?


Your program is a convenient auto-delivery program that you can hold or cancel within our weekly deadlines. You’ll have the flexibility to also fully customize your meals so you can eat what you love and watch the weight fall off!

How much weight can I expect to lose?


On average, members following the program lose 1-2 pounds a week. You may lose more or less than this by following the program. Your weight loss will be impacted by a couple factors including how much you need to lose to begin with and if you’re eating enough calories for your body to lose weight instead of going into starvation mode. As you near your ultimate goal, your weight loss will naturally taper off.

Is the food fresh?


The Denise Austin meal delivery program is fresh frozen food. It simply needs to be reheated and enjoyed. It is delivered once a week on dry ice.

How do I cook my meals?


One of the best things about the Denise Austin plan is that you get to eat real entrees that are already prepared for you. All you have to do is pop your entree into the microwave and heat, eat and enjoy! It’s that easy!


Each week you will receive a delivery consisting of one week of meals. Our entrees are in BPA free microwavable trays that are vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and cook in their own natural juices when heated.


Each tray has specific cooking directions on the label as well as the list of included ingredients. Just follow the cooking times listed on the label.

What should I do once my food arrives?


Unpack your cooler and organize your meals. In the cooler, you’ll see your menu for the week. We suggest organizing your meals in your freezer from back to front to keep your program in the suggested order.

When should I start eating my food?


You can start eating your meals when you’d like. However, as the deadline for holds, changes, or cancellations for your second week is Sunday at midnight EST, we suggest that you start your Denise Austin program as soon as it arrives so you can try your food prior to the deadline.

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What is the Denise Austin Weight Loss Program?


The meals offered under our weight loss program option are designed for the balanced nutrition you need to lose weight. Denise fully believes it’s not about eating less, but eating better so this program provides you with the proper diet you need to support your exercise.

Do you offer specialty diets for certain health conditions?


Yes! We proudly offer diabetic and gluten free specialty diets to help meet your nutritional needs fully.

Are your gluten-free meals tested?


Yes, we randomly sample meals from each batch to the FDA standards for gluten-free. In addition, the kitchens producing our gluten-free meals follow a variety of extra protocols to ensure that meals offered under our gluten-free options are, in fact, free of gluten.

How many net carbs are allowed in the diabetic-friendly meals offered on the Denise Austin Diabetic program?


The meals in Denise’s diabetic program contain 25 net grams of carbohydrates or less to help keep your blood sugar stable.

What is the nutritional breakdown of the average meal?


The average meal contains 20-25% of calories from healthy fats, 30-35% from complex carbohydrates, and 40-45% from lean protein sources. These macronutrient targets provide your body with the fuel it needs to get through the day without creating nutritional imbalances that could lead to health complications such as weight gain and many others.

Am I able to make individual ingredient substitutions in any of the Denise Austin meals?


Not at this time. Each of our meals is prepared using the perfect combination of ingredients to provide your body with the optimal nutrition it needs to support a healthy lifestyle. Changing the ingredient profile of the meals may result in an imbalance of nutrients.

Are the meals low-sodium?


The meals don’t contain any extra MSG and only contain the sodium that is naturally occurring in the food. Each of our programs meets or falls below the US Dietary Guidelines for sodium for the average US adult, averaging 2000-2300mg per day.


If your doctor has recommended that you follow a lower sodium diet, we are happy to accommodate a low sodium program that averages about 1500mg per day. We will eliminate certain entrees, especially with ethnic flavors like soy sauce, from your program. While the variety of our low sodium program is still diverse, please know that it will not include the full range of entrees offered.

Does the Denise Austin meal program accommodate certain allergies?


Yes, our Customer Service team will do our best to accommodate you if you have been diagnosed with a food allergy, or believe yourself to be allergic to a certain ingredient found in our entrees. Please notify Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing at the time of your order. We will remove certain entrees from your program. Please be advised that all of our entrees are prepared in kitchens that handle all of our ingredients, so there is always a possibility that some cross contamination may occur.


You are also able to contact Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing at any time to make adjustments to your allergy restrictions.

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Ordering & Billing

Is there any membership fee, contract or commitment necessary to order from Denise Austin?


Simply stated, no. We are committed to helping people live longer and healthier lives through great nutrition. We don’t believe in placing barriers in the way of our customers’ health and wellbeing, and never will.


With our simple, recurring weekly program, there’s no long-term commitment you can’t get out of. You can always put your order on hold or cancel it prior to our weekly deadline.

When will charges for my order appear on my credit or debit card?


Payments are processed once a week on Wednesday after 5PM ET and on Thursday for the following week’s meals. You will see a recurring weekly payment on your credit card statement. In the case that you cancel after a deadline, you will receive the last shipment of your program and will be charged for the last delivery week that you receive. You may see pending charges while your program waits to ship. The time it takes for the charge to post to your account will vary by financial institution.

Will my order be auto-renewed?


The Denise Austin Meal Delivery program is a convenient, recurring program. You only enter your ordering and billing information one time, and your 5 or 7 day program will automatically renew and be delivered to your door each week.

When is the cutoff to submit my order for the first week of my program, and still receive it the same week?


We uphold a Tuesday at Noon ET cutoff deadline for your first week. This gives us a small amount of time to prepare your menu, so we suggest that you immediately customize your menu as it will ship quickly.


It is our utmost priority to ensure that your entrees arrive in the intended condition, and without delay. FedEx does not deliver on Sunday, so we must ensure that your meals arrive by Saturday. Additionally, the FAA regulates the amount of dry ice that can be included in your order, so we have to carefully calculate the amount included with your program.


You don’t need to reorder each week as you’ll be enrolled as a member of our auto-delivery program.

What’s your return policy?


For the safety of all of our members, we will not accept returns for any reason. We can’t accept any returns since the food in the program is perishable. Once your order has been picked up by FedEx, we cannot cancel the shipment or turn it around in transit. Please be mindful of our deadlines and contact Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing with any questions.

How are refunds handled?


Refunds are managed by our Customer Service team. Refunds or food credits may be given in accordance with our satisfaction guarantee or in the case of damaged items in transit. Please contact Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing with any questions.

Can I exchange food items?


We cannot exchange food items due to the way the meals are shipped. You may be entitled to a refund or food credit. If you have questions on this policy, please contact Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing

What do I do if there is a problem with my frozen shipment?


Contact Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing as soon as possible. We are happy to help resolve any issues.

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Do you deliver to my area?


We deliver to the continental US and AK and HI. From the time FedEx picks up your order, it can take up to 6 business days to arrive based on ground delivery time from our warehouse.


If you live in Alaska, delivery is only available to Anchorage, Fairbanks and Eagle River.

How much will it cost to ship my order?


Shipping is $19.95. Additional shipping charges apply for AK and HI. See order page for full details.

Do you offer expedited shipping?


Unfortunately, expedited shipping options are not available. Our meals are sent via FedEx Ground delivery to abide by FAA standards since they regulate the amount of dry ice that can be shipped via airplane.

When will I receive my plan?


We have weekly cutoffs for orders for FedEx pickup. If you place your order prior to Tuesday at 12PM ET your order will ship and be delivered the same week. After the Noon cut off you’ll receive your food the following week.


Depending on where you live in the U.S. your entrees will be scheduled for delivery between Wednesday and Saturday.

How will my order be shipped?


Your Denise Austin program will ship in an insulated cooler that are packed with dry ice to keep your meals frozen during transport to your home. Because environmental sustainability is important to us, all orders are shipped using boxes that are constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and printed using vegetable-based ink. Our commitment to sustainable shipping practices, however, does not end there. Each of the coolers that we use are formed from no less than 60% post-consumer recycled foam products.

Is a signature required for delivery?


As long as FedEx feels it is safe to leave your package upon delivery, they will not require a signature. Since FedEx takes the responsibility to ensure your package is delivered safely, the decision to require a signature or leave your package at your building’s management office, is at your FedEx driver’s sole discretion.

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Customization & Deadlines

Can I choose my own foods?


We have a rotating seasonal menu with over 100 entrees that you can select from. You can edit your own menu based on your preferences and rate items to easily reorder meals you really enjoy.

What are the deadlines to hold or cancel my order?


Your weight loss journey takes dedication and requires consistency so we have designed your program for a weekly delivery of food. All orders are automatically recurring. To place a hold or cancel your next order, please contact us within the deadlines listed below.


New Customers: You have until Sunday at Midnight, ET immediately after you receive your first week’s order to request a hold or cancel your second week of entrees.


For All Future Weeks: Our deadline is always Wednesday at 5PM ET PRIOR to your next week’s order.


Please know that you are always able to cancel future orders within our deadlines by contacting Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing

What is the cancellation policy?


You can cancel at any time within our posted deadlines. Our deadlines are Sunday at 12AM ET for week 1 customers and Wednesday at 5PM ET the week prior to the week your delivery will arrive. If you cancel after the deadline, you will receive the next week’s delivery. The cancellation will be honored for the next week’s delivery.

Can I customize, delay or cancel my recurring order?


You can customize or put your program on a short vacation hold by visiting or by contacting Customer Service at 855-944-DIET(3438) or by emailing You should contact Customer Service prior to the weekly deadline to cancel or for assistance with putting your program on a temporary hold.

Why did I still receive an order if I have until Wednesday to cancel my program?


Our team works in advance to prepare your program. This is why we require that all holds, changes or cancellations are submitted by Wednesday at 5PM ET, the week before the next week’s order arrives. If you notify us after this deadline, we have already prepared your entrees and your order will be on its way to you. Please know that you are always able to cancel future orders by our deadlines.

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